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cargo survey

In modern conditions of a tough market economy, high competition and presence in the market of both conscientious persons and not quite, it is important to rely on the opinion of a third party, to have support professionals in every aspect of business.

  Foreign trade is a profitable but risky business. It is difficult to fully insure against the conclusion of contracts with unscrupulous partners, but there is a real opportunity to control the fulfillment of obligations under the contract of supply of products. Survey expertise is available at all stages of cargo transportation. Use the services of independent experts!

  Surveyor companies of of the Russian Federation are actively developing. "Global Survey" is a member of the Moscow Сhamber of Commerce and Industry and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the owner of the certificate of expert‘s conformity and serious experience of successful work in the world market. Control of cargo transportation is a difficult but interesting task, which can be solved by independent specialists certified according to international requirements.

Survey features.

  Independent expertise is not without reason valued in all industries. Transportation of goods is not an exception. Survey control minimizes the risks of the parties to the transaction. It is possible to organize inspection at any intermediate stage not only for examination of cargo, but also for check of transportation conditions. But the most effective is the forwarding support by the surveyor-expert.

  Pre-loading inspection of the quality and quantity of goods allows to identify defects and shortages in the territory of the supplier in order to take timely measures to correct the situation with minimal costs. Survey inspection of warehouses and transport provides optimal storage conditions during transportation. Monitoring the loading guarantees the quality of stowage and reliability.

 The involvement of the international cargo surveyor simplifies the customs formalities and reduces costs. Independent inspection is important and at the time of acceptance. Upon detection of damage to the cargo survey companies take over the investigation. Qualified experts quickly assess the extent of the damage, find out the causes, draw up documentation and participate in the resolution of disputes.

The objectivity of the independent evaluation is a serious advantage. Legally binding results of the survey examination of goods are taken into account in insurance cases and in the consideration of lawsuits. Payment for professional services is an extremely profitable investment in the business associated with the transportation of goods on international routes. 

Under the control of the surveyor cargo is safe!

Examples of our reports

Advantages of survey services:
- providing expert services on the territory of any country;
- consulting on the organization of international cargo transportation;
- conducting survey inspections on all modes of transport;
- the use of independent expertise for senders and receivers of cargo;
- the most objective results of survey checks;
- a wide range of services for the examination of the quantity and quality of cargo;
- some of the procedures and full forwarding support;
- preparation of reporting documents that have legal force;
- direct participation in the settlement of disputes.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about the procedure for the provision of survey services, to know the procedure for examinations on to calculate the exact cost of services, please call us or use the feedback window.