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Draft survey

Draft survey.

  Draft survey - a method of measuring the displacement of the ship's draught. This method is used by independent survey companies to carry out examination for the carriage of goods by maritime transport. If you need to determine the weight of products that arrived from abroad to the ports of the Russian Federation or inspect product ready for international shipment, we offer to use the service from "Global Survey".

  Our company provides comprehensive services for the inspection of cargo. In-house experts are successfully engaged in quality and quantity checks of goods that are transported by water. The developed technical base allows experienced professionals to conduct a draft survey with a minimum error. But the accuracy of the calculations largely depends on the weather conditions that determine the water state.

Significant factors in draft survey:

  • density level in the water area;
  • the amount of ballast on the ship;
  • total weight of all ship's stock;
  • trim and deformation corrections;
  • constant parameters.

An examination of the cargo quantity of draught survey.

  The calculations take into account the difference between the initial and final draught precipitation. In the process of measurements, specialists will need information about the displacement of the empty ship documents. Today, draft surveyors use computer technology to speed up procedures and accuracy. To quickly calculate the results, the obtained data are entered into a special program.

  Surveyor inspection according to the standards of the International Code takes place in two stages: before loading or unloading and after completion of work. Changing the parameters and is the actual weight of the load. If the readings match those on the bill of lading, the quantity of the goods corresponds to the contract specifications. Upon detection of underload in the process of draft survey by the receiver shall be entitled to make a complaint to the vendor.

Advantages of complex survey services.

  The identification of problems after loading on the vehicle or even arrival at the destination is fraught with the complication of partnerships. But the draft survey is only one of the complex services for independent control of sea transportation. To insure against losses, you can order pre-shipment or pre-loading inspection. Survey inspection will prevent problems with the quality and quantity of cargo.

  Independent company "Global Survey" is ready to organize inspection at any stage of transportation. Qualified personnel with serious experience in the field of Maritime transport control copes with the tasks competently and quickly. The results of the examination are recorded in detail in the survey report. The official document serves as strong evidence in resolving disputes. 

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