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Investigation of the causes of damage to the goods

Investigation into the cause of cargo damage.

  If defects are found during the acceptance of the goods, you can order an independent organization to investigate the causes of damage. The international company "Global Survey" provides a full range of expert services related to the control of transportation of goods by sea, air and land transport. Professionals will quickly find the cause, identify the perpetrators and help to resolve the issue with compensation for losses incurred. Contact us to order an independent investigation!

The procedure for the examination of cargo damage:

  • assessment of the extent of the damage;
  • counting the number of damaged goods;
  • calculation of the percentage of substandard products in the party;
  • inspection of storage and transportation conditions;
  • search for violations in stowage, methods of fastening or packaging;
  • determine whether a shortage of goods;
  • check for possible explanations for damage or loss;
  • identification of the causes of damage by expert methods;
  • participation in the settlement of the problem.

The advantages of an independent investigation.

  Not only the sender and the recipient are interested in the safe delivery of the goods to the destination. Responsibility for products are warehouses and transport services, the services of which are used for storage and transportation. When problems arise, each participant in the event usually seeks to place the blame on any of the partners to avoid payments out of pocket, especially in insurance cases. Only an independent surveyor does not have such motives.

  The actions of experts are dictated solely by an objective assessment of the facts. Outside experts initially take a neutral position, conscientiously doing the usual work without bias. Qualification of experienced employees of the survey company «Global Survey»  is another factor that should be taken into account. Professionals will investigate as quickly as possible, avoiding critical errors. Survey service is the best option from any point of view.

How to organize an investigation.

  "Global Survey" has been successfully monitoring the condition of goods during transportation for a long time. Damage to goods during storage and transportation, including those related to insurance cases, occur in practice. The staff of the international companies specializing in the examination survey, it is easy to cope with difficult professional challenges. 

If you want in a short time to get an objective result of the investigation of the causes of damage or loss of cargo, just send a request!