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Preloading inspections

Pre-loading inspections.

 The "Global Survey" company specializes in survey service of a cargo transportation in St. Petersburg. The service includes pre-loading expertise of the quality and quantity of goods. An independent inspection of the goods before shipment to the destination is carried out to assess the compliance of the actual condition with the content of the contract specification. Pre-loading survey inspection is a service demanded in the modern world market.

Advantages of cargo survey.

  The importance of international transportation of goods increases with the development of foreign trade relations. Consignors and consignees are equally interested in compliance with the terms of the contract for the supply of products, so willing to trust the control of the obligations of a third party. Services of independent survey companies allow to avoid conflicts with foreign partners.

  Independent verification at the last stage of production will become for the consignors insurance against possible claims, and for the consignee – a guarantee of fulfillment of contractual obligations by the partner. Pre-loading inspections are also beneficial for carriers. If an expert comes to the rescue, the tasks of transport personnel are simplified. The condition of the cargo is reflected in the documentation drawn up as a result of the survey control.

The procedure for pre-loading inspections.

  Expertise is carried out before shipment from the warehouse, which stores products ready for international delivery. During the survey inspection, the quantity is accurately measured and visible defects of the cargo are recorded by careful visual inspection. If necessary, the inspector makes sampling for the analysis of qualitative parameters in laboratory conditions.

  The purpose of the pre-shipment survey is an independent audit of the partnership between the sender and the recipient of the cargo. After the expertise of the quality and quantity of goods, a survey report with a list of detected violations is drawn up. In the event of a conflict of interests between the parties, a legally binding document helps to resolve disputes. The surveyor provides objective data to resolve the conflict.


  • general examination. External inspection, packing inspection and product quality analysis;
  • product identification. Analysis of technical indicators, traceability and labelling of goods;
  • a measurement of the amount. Determination of the conformity of the lot size stated in the specifications;

Organization of pre-loading survey.

  If you need an expert inspection of products prepared for shipment abroad by sea or land transport, please contact the survey company "Global Survey". To make an order, just dial the number listed on the official website or use the online application form. 

We quickly organize a survey expertise of goods with a guarantee of objective results!