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Tally account

Tally account.

  "Global Survey" is an independent surveyor, organizing the examination of goods in St. Petersburg. The complex service includes a tally account that allows you to accurately determine the number of products in units. If you are interested in professional inspection of loading or unloading, we will provide the services of competent professionals. Please contact us to check compliance with contractual conditions in international cargo transportation!

Service purpose.

  To prevent the loss of piece goods during transportation, there is a special kind of surveyor inspection – tally account. Specialists carry out calculations by professional methods developed for different types of cargo. The results of the inspection are reflected in the documents – tally sheets, which additionally contains information about the labeling of products, the condition of the packaging, the identified damage.

  However, unlike the survey expertise, such inspection does not imply close quality monitoring. The tally is focused on quantitative indicators only. The calculation of packages gives a complete picture of the compliance of the volume of the party to the requirements stated in the specification. The services of an independent Tallman are used in the transportation of food, building materials, steel products.

Additional parameters defined on the account:

  • dimensions of boxes and crates;
  • length of roll materials;
  • the value of the goods in the bundle;
  • the weight of the bags;
  • weight of soft containers.

Organization of the tally account.

  The procedure is carried out during trans-shipment at different stages of transportation. It is after loading that shortage is often found, but loss is also possible during transportation. Inspection of cargo operations helps to identify and weight discrepancy, confirmed by the tally sheet and the final report at the end of the examination. Collecting information about the quantity of goods in the intermediate stages reduces the risk of theft.

  Tally is not a full-fledged examination, so the documents indicate only brief information about the state of the products. If you wish to organize a comprehensive inspection, it is more rational to order a survey inspection, which includes quality and quantity control. Independent experts organize visual inspection, calculation and monitoring of compliance with standards during trans-shipment works.

  "Global Survey" provides services of experienced tallyman on favorable terms. The company has a certificate of conformity of the expert. Inspection of control of quantity of cargo places is carried out according to the international standards. To organize a tally account, it is enough to leave contacts online or dial the number specified on the website during working hours. Applications are accepted seven days a week. 

We are ready to provide you with survey services in any city of the Russian Federation!